Internship Application

Enchantment management and the 8 subsidiaries internship program aims toward teaching freshly graduate or in their training period.

Who can join

Anyone above 18 years old or graduated from school

What would i learn

You will be asked few questions when you join, based on your answers we will assign tasks that aim to help your growth

Whats the working hours

9am to 5pm, Saturday to Thursday

In which company i will work

Depend on what you will learn and what tasks is assigned to you.

It might be in Bordoga, if your interest is food related or in Hexa if you are into designs and content creation

Would i be paid

The short answer is no, the right answer is yes but with knowledge not money

can i work from home

No you cant

Im in the university currently, can i join

No, because you will waste the company time and yours without learning anything worth while

Any chance for employment after the period

Maybe if you prove yourself and we have an opening

Whats the minimum and maximum period

Minimum 1 month, and it can extend with mutual agreement from both parties

Internship form
Your drive in life could be entertainment, reproductions, money, social power, giving back to community, selfless life, ascetic life, etc.