The Art Scene

The Art Scene

  • Idea Generator: Mariam Alriffaie
  • Start: SEPTEMBER 1, 2021
  • Category: Art Studio
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What is The Art Scene?

The Art Scene is an ever-growing trend of people actively involving themselves with art, mainly on a part-time basis or as a hobby. They either do or look forward to learning fine arts, graphic designs, sketching, graffiti, modern art, etc. Their main platform and channel of communication are mainly social media and word of mouth. New artists try their best to promote and raise awareness around their arts through social media, namely Instagram. However, they spend much effort with trial and error, and many of them quit eventually due to a lack of sound financial planning and returns.

This trend is driven by youth and people of the higher classes. It presents itself as a great opportunity for established art studios that can provide guidance, workshops, and a network to improve people’s understanding of what it takes to be an artist. Essentially, there are two types of arts, there is one that is made in a traditional way, where it might require different sets of pens, papers, boards, paints, etc. Also, there is another type of art that is done in a non-traditional way. The extra element to this one is digital art creation, where the use of computers is the main mode of delivery.

Idea Generator

Mariam Alriffaie – Managing Director 

The idea generator is Mariam Alriffaie. She is an Architect, interior designer, and artist. She graduated from the only art design school in Bahrain, Royal University for Women (RUW). She is an abstract artist. Her experience in the art industry is established through projects that she did that combined multiple types of art. Additionally, she has done extensive research on what is missing in the art industry in Bahrain, and she is planning to fill the gaps.